Fysan Glow Keychain/Fob

This useful and fun novelty features the latest and greatest rare-earth mineral glow crystals, sealed permanently in a durable synthetic rubber tube, with a tough steel loop on the end for sturdy attachment to any accessory. We call it the FYSAN - Find Your Stuff At Night.

These are just a few of the features this product has to offer:

•Excellent for nighttime fun and games - Available in two colors!
•Find your keys, flashlight, or other important accessories without sacrificing your night vision with a bright light.
•Use it to find your flashlight in the event of a power outage.
•Excellent for extreme low-light conditions like caving or nighttime diving
•Measures 1/4" x 1.5", without hardware
•Waterproof, shock-proof, crack resistant, abrasion resistant, and corrosion resistant
•Takes less than a minute to recharge, can be seen for up to 12 hours in most conditions, but over 24 in good conditions
•Can be recharged infinite times, with any bright light source, man-made or sunlight
•100% non-radioactive, non-toxic, and regular trash safe
•Glow crystals guaranteed to last 30+ years
•Partial USA-Sourced components, USA assembly
•Available in bulk wholesale packs for resale, large parties, or gift giving

Available with economical zinc-plated hardware for good corrosion resistance, or 304 Stainless Steel hardware for superb corrosion resistance. Although most people already have key-rings to attach to, we also offer a solid 304 stainless steel 1" key-ring as an add-on option. Be aware, cheap plated or steel key rings will eventually lose their outer plating, and potentially discolor or corrode. Ours are non-magnetic stainless steel, and will last a lifetime if not subjected to strong acid or temperatures over 2,000°, so not suitable for use on Mercury or Venus. Mars is fine.

Interested in custom lengths, cap colors, hardware options, or other customizations? No problem! We make these in-house, so we can work with you on your personal preferences without long wait times from distant factories.

As this item isn't mass produced, they will of course be prone to variation from piece to piece, but every piece is inspected to assure it fulfills its intended purpose adequately. We're constantly improving our design and manufacturing process, so if you come back for more, they may look slightly different, but they perform better than ever. Exceedingly large or customized orders may take longer to fill, as we make them to-order.

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