Silicone Super-Flexible High Temperature Wire

This silicone wire is capable of incredible flexibility due to having a large number of very fine internal tin-plated copper strands, as well as having extremely soft, flexible silicone insulation, which also means this wire is rated for 600v, tested to 2kv, and performs comfortably in temperatures from -76f to 390!

The flexibility, temperature, and voltage ratings don't differ between gauges, but for everything that does, refer to the table below!

Contact us if you're interested in 100+ft quantities or custom colors.

Gauge Stranding Max Amps Diameter Resistance/1000ft
30awg 11x40awg 800mA 1.2mm 101Ω
24awg 40x40awg 5A 1.6mm 30Ω
18awg 150x40awg 22A 2.3mm 12Ω

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