Retro-Reflective Powder/Beads

This incredible material is comprised of tiny glass spheres that, similar to a cat's eye, reflect light directly back towards its source. This specific product is made with high-purity glass with low inclusions, and is greater than 98% spherical for best reflectance.

Powder is extremely free-flowing, and resembles pure white sand, or sugar. Best used as a surface treatment, such as on top of wet paint, polymer clay, glues, or other adhesives. If you're looking to apply to other surfaces or fabric, we also sell tape and iron-on fabric trim that will save you time and effort!

Also capable of a fascinating sort of dry lubrication, which we discovered after spilling some. Everything we set on our desk became frictionless, and would slide off without our intervention! This works because of the high roundness of the tiny beads, and because they're glass, they're good insulators, so they tend to collect static charge and disperse themselves.

Picture taken from a distance of 3 meters with no lighting apart from a camera flash. The effect is hard to capture, but incredible to witness.

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