Prototyping PCB

Printed circuit boards with rows of plated holes and pads, for prototyping or low-volume applications where custom boards are not economically viable. Hole pitch is 2.54mm or 10 per inch, and hole diameter is 1mm, or 0.039". Rows and columns are marked accordingly with letters and numbers, there are power tabs on the ends of the boards, and non-plated 2mm mounting holes in all four corners. 2x8 boards are gold plated, but all perform equally. If we're out of a certain size, we'll contact you to arrange an alternative.

Available in:
2x8cm with 6x28 holes and 4 tabs
4x6cm with 14x20 holes and 12 tabs
3x7cm with 10x24 holes and 8 tabs
5x7cm with 18x24 holes and 16 tabs

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