Super Capacitors, 2.7V 1.5F

At the rated 2.7V and 1.5 farads (yes, full farads), these capacitors pack about 5.4 joules at full charge, which is equal to 5.4 watts for one second, or a watt for 5.4 seconds, or a milliwatt for one and a half hours. The low voltage limits their usage, but single cells will run an LED no problem, and they're easy to hook in series or parallel for more volts or farads, respectively. For comparison, an LR44 has about 3 times the energy storage, but these capacitors are rechargeable thousands of times, and contain no hazardous chemicals.

Physical dimensions are only 8.5x12.5mm with 20mm leads, and weight is just under a gram. Longer lead indicates the positive pole, and a stripe on the casing indicates negative.

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